Tips for Families

School Day

  • Students should arrive by 7:55 am. A bell rings at that time.
  • Students are NOT to be dropped off before 7:40. Supervision of the parking lot begins at this time. Exception: children participating in the extended day program, which begins as 7 a.m.
  • Students line up outside by class. In the back parking lot, the younger grades line up on the right side of the building and enter through the right door in the back. The teachers escort the students into the building at the 7:55 am.
  • The older grades (grades 3, 4 and 5) line up on the left side of the building. Grades 6,7 and 8 do not line up; they enter the building when the 7:50 bell rings and are expected to ready themselves for their first class.
  • The last bell rings at 8:05 am and shortly after that the back doors are locked. Students arriving after that should enter through the front door and will receive a late slip.
  • On rainy days or especially cold days, the children line up in the cafeteria and can enter the school after 7:35 (may enter earlier if they are part of the extended day program).
  • Parents may not enter the building when dropping off their student. If a student requires assistance, the parent must enter through the front door and sign in with the school secretary.
  • Dismissal is at 2:30 pm in the back parking lot.

School Parking Lot

  • For the safety of the children, it is imperative that all parents and/or individuals transporting students respect the established parking lot traffic flow policy and procedure. This is clearly outlined in the OLM Handbook, which must be reviewed by anyone dropping off or picking up children! This can be found on the school website.
  • All families entering the parking lot during school hours must enter the parking lot at the entrances on 4th street (entrances furthest away from the playground on the wooded side of the parking lot) and drive toward the fenced-in playground. 
  • Traffic exiting the lot may go up Third St. or onto Second Ave.
  • ALL traffic should be heading in one direction in that lot: TOWARD THE FENCE. Drivers must watch for children walking from their cars to the line-up area!
  • No drivers are to park in the Church parking lot on Fourth Ave. or under the basketball hoops on the side of the playground! Students should NOT be dropped off or picked up in the Church parking lot.
  • PLEASE… always use caution when driving through the parking lot. Students of all ages are walking through the lot and parked cars frequently block the driver’s view of these students.  Drivers should ALWAYS be attentive and driving at slow speeds, especially right before the late bell rings. Instruct your child to always walk and to stop as they are exiting a row of parked cars.  Please walk younger children to their line-up area.


  • Currently, Principal’s Points is the key communication source for getting weekly updates out to families.
  • Principal’s Points are sent out by an email blast so make sure the school gets your email address on file ASAP.
  • A white envelope is sent home every Wednesday with the youngest member of the family. This envelope includes important notices/handouts.
  • Phone alert calls. OLM participates in the phone alert program. Emergency information, as well as school cancellation notices are relayed to families through this system. Weather related cancellations- OLM follows the East Greenwich public school system.
  • The OLM Website is updated regularly with important information.

Hot lunch

  • Campus Cuisine is the hot lunch provider
  • The program provides specialties from local restaurants, including natural and organic options, whenever possible
  • Choose from dozens of entrees and sides, which vary in portion size and price, so you may assemble lunches fitting your student’s appetite and your budget
  • Orders may be placed up until noon the day before, and may be pre-ordered weekly, monthly or by semester
  • Changes and cancellations may also be made online

First Friday Mass

  • Students are to wear their formal uniform to all first Friday Mass services. Please see the OLM handbook for clarification on the formal uniform.
  • Held at 9:00am on the first Friday of every month (except during Lent, when children attend Mass weekly).
  • First Friday Mass is not held during Lent.
  • Each grade hosts a Mass. This class will serve as readers, altar servers and gift bearers. Your child’s teacher will notify you of their month.
  • Room moms will work with parents to plan a small post Mass reception. Please be sure the school has the correct email address for you, so you can be contacted by the room-mom.
  • All parents are welcome at all masses and all coffee hours.

Parent Teacher Group (PTG)

  • All families are members of the PTG. If you wish to be included in the Family Directory, be sure to send in your form on time along with your payment.  Forms will be sent home early in the school year.  Please contact a PTG board member if you have any questions or concerns about the school directory.
  • The PTG at OLM is very active and host/sponsors various fundraising activities and social events throughout the year. See PTG calendar on the OLM website.
  • All are encouraged to get involved! Participating in events and assisting board members and chair people in the planning of these activities is a wonderful way to meet families in the community.
  • There are plenty of opportunities for everyone! Please see the volunteer opportunities link on the PTG portion of the school website.  Contact a board member if you have questions.  Board contact information is also available on the website.
  • The PTG raises funds every year to subsidize many of the educational and extra-curricular activities your child participates in every day. Funds are also used for school ground improvement projects. Participation in the fund-raising activities is appreciated!


  • Refer to your OLM Handbook for guidelines.
  • On the first day of school, most students wear their “summer” uniform, (polo and shorts or skort). The summer uniform is not required- students are permitted to wear their formal uniform everyday except their assigned gym days. However, most children do wear the summer uniform when it is permitted.
  • You will be notified what day your child has gym on the first day of school or at Meet the Teacher Night (this evening program is for parents only).
  • Donnelly’s is our uniform distributor and can be reached at 1-800-498-0045. com code: mercyegreri
  • There are uniform swaps 2 to 3 times per year. This is a great opportunity to supplement your uniform collection with gently used clothing that people have donated to the school.
  • We also encourage families to find other families to pass down to directly.

Lost and Found

  • Lost and found is currently located in the closet next to the stage in the cafeteria. Please encourage your child to inform their teacher of a lost item.  Students are encouraged to locate their own lost item.
  • Please refer back to this site for updated information regarding lost and found.

Bus Transportation

  • Once you complete the registration form indicating that bus transportation is requested, the school office notifies the appropriate bus company of the request, unless you are from West Warwick or Coventry. If you are from these towns, you must visit the website indicated below to arrange for busing.
  • The bus schedules are typically posted in the local town newspaper.
  • The school secretary should be contacted with any questions or problems that may arise.

OLM Sports

There are several sports offered throughout the year. Please see the “activities” section of the school website for more details. For incoming 6th, 7th or 8th grade students, the school does have a cross-country team in the fall.  If interested, you may choose to attend practices starting in August by contacting Kathy Moren at or you can sign up at the start of school.  No experience is necessary and it’s a great way to meet other kids!  Many middle school students participate.