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Weekly News from the OLM PTG

Happy Halloween!!! We are so excited for the 2nd annual Trunk or Treat! Please remember if you have not signed up yet, you still can! Contact Mrs. Kimberly Izzi to register or if you have questions! Also, if you would like to donate a bag of candy or prizes for trick or treating, please send them in! Don’t forget, there will be a food truck and cupcake truck!

ICE CREAM FRIDAYS and SCHOOL STORE- As many of you know, Tammie Stewart has agreed to lead our school store but she has also been working with Warwick Ice Cream to bring back Ice Cream Fridays. Very soon we will start Ice Cream Fridays every other Friday. Families will pre order ice cream for their child and it will be passed out during Friday’s lunch. If you would like to help out with this please contact Tammie. We will have a few different selections and will also be providing allergy information for the selections ahead of time.

We have a limited supply of mugs, hats, jaguars, umbrellas, pencils, magnets and a few other things for sale! See pictures below! If you would like to purchase some of these items please send Tammie an email at natessence@cox.net, prices on website along with some pictures. Limited supply!

YEARBOOK- Thank you Patty Wind for taking on te yearbook. Please contact Patty if you would like to join the committee!

FIRST FRIDAY MASS– November’s Friday Mass will be held on Monday, November 2nd as it is the Feast of All Souls. It will be followed by a procession to St. Patrick’s Cemetery to offer prayers for the deceased.

GRILL THE PRIESTS- Please mark your calendars, adults only, for Grill the Priests! Sophia Beland has agreed to take on this event again! For those of you that did not join last year, Sophia transformed the OLM Gym to make this event one of the most fun events (for the adults) of the year!   It is a night that we get to put Father Connors, Father Healey and the wonderful guest priests in the hot spot! Try to stump them! With so many new issues, conflicts and questions we as parents face for our children and from our children this is a great night to gain some insight on how best to answer while also getting to know the priests in the spotlight! Ask anything from what is your favorite movie to how do answer my child when they ask…….? This is event is no charge as Father Healey, Father Connors and the PTG are happy to host for all of you! Please note we will be serving wine and beer so there are absolutely no children allowed. If you would like to help with set up please contact Sophia Beland, belandfamily@gmail.com or Lisa Cooper, lcooper@res-title.com!


Thank you Jenn Sheehan for the great job organizing our first Mercy Mix and Mingle! Everyone who attended had a great time. There were a lot of laughs. You know it is a good time when the restaurant starts taking away the tables to push us all out!!!

Thank you also to Mr. Fuller, Mr. Stefanik, Mrs. Lukens, Mrs. Cambio, Mrs. Brugnoli and Mrs. Ruggerio for watching our children while we had our parent teacher conferences! What a huge relief to know they were safe and happy while we concentrated on our conferences!!!!!!

Volunteers still needed for:

Event Chairs- Jaime Pedro, ptgpresident@olmschool.org

Thank you for taking the time to read through this!!


Jaime Pedro

Dates to Remember:

October 30th– Trunk or Treat

November 4th– Open PTG Meeting

November 19th– Grill the Priests

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