Grades K – 4

The goal of this ongoing project is to acquaint OLM artists with the basic ELEMENTS of DESIGN. The Elements of Design are features and words used to describe Art.  All Art contains one or more of these elements. These are the basic building blocks of making Art.
Defining the Elements

  • Line:  Line is a moving dot. It is a mark made upon a surface where the length is longer than the width. There are many different types of lines, including horizontal, vertical, wavy, diagonal, and many more. Research types of lines and show me 5 different lines in an artistic composition.
  • Color:  It is too complicated for this lesson. Show me a design using the PRIMARY colors only. RED, YELLOW & BLUE.
  • Shape:  Shapes are areas of enclosed space that are two-dimensional. Shapes are flat, and can only have height and width. The two different categories of shapes are: geometric and organic. Geometric shapes are mathematical, like circles and squares. Organic shapes come from nature, like clouds and leaves. Show me a design using geometric or organic or both shapes in a lovely composition.
  • Form:  Form is the three-dimensional version of a shape. An artwork that has form should look good from different angles, and is not flat. Forms have height and width, but they also have depth. Forms can be hard-edged like a cube or more free-flowing. Show me a sculpture.
  • Value:  Value refers to the lightness and darkness of areas in an artwork. White is the lightest value, while black is the darkest. A value scale shows a range of lights and darks. Show me 5 different values or shades.
  • Space:    Space deals with the illusion of depth on a flat surface. You might overlap shapes to make some look closer, or make objects in the distance smaller to look like they are farther away. The element of space can be used in three-dimensional art as well. Show me a picture with something in the front (positive space) and something in the background (negative space).
  • Texture: The way an object feels to the touch or looks as it may feel if it were touched. Draw something smoothe, rough, bumpy, silky, sticky, soft. (Choose 1).

IN THIS LESSON, you will pick 3 out of the 7 Elements of Design and create a piece of artwork representing those elements. For example, draw a beautiful picture using only a variety of lines or cut and paste several different shapes in a pleasing design, or make a clay sculpture. You are free to choose any visual method or format to showcase your artwork. (sketchbook, booklet, canvas, display board). 

Be creative. Work at your own pace and feel free to add more elements to your collection. 

Stay healthy. Blessings all.

Mrs. Campbell

Grade 5

Grade 5: At HOME PROJECTS due April 27th. Use Google Classroom to submit work. Feel free to contact me.