In a time of great uncertainty, Distance Learning at Our Lady of Mercy School strives to help students grow in the virtue of hope: a trust in God’s loving plan.  Our program operates according to these principles:

  • Spiritual and personal care for the student
  • Care for the family
  • Strength in community
  • High-quality academic instruction

By providing consistency, routine, and familiarity, we seek to be an anchor for our students in the midst of a chaotic time.  We also recognize that the family, who has always been a child’s first and best teacher, has been thrust into an even greater role in the day-to-day life of children, and so we seek to support all of our families as they guide learning at home.  And we finally look to find creative ways to keep our whole community strong from a distance.  In all of this, we hope that our students see that God is by their side, and that they can trust in His plan to not just carry them through their present trials, but to use those trials to help them grow in mind and spirit.

We support students in their core academic subjects through relevant assignments and daily live engagements via Zoom, each tailored based on age and content.  Our middle school students continue to complete required assignments for their music and art classes, while we provide additional enrichment opportunities for all students on our Distance Learning page.  We invite all students across the school to participate each week in the OLM Advantage Challenge as a way to bring our school together and pursue excellence in our enrichment content areas.  And we are making additional resources available to students and families through the “Remote Resources” tab on our Distance Learning page.

Through this time, despite many obstacles, our students can strive to be saints and scholars, growing in mind, growing in spirit, and growing in the hope that God has something even better planned for us when we are together again.