OLM School Sixth Graders Use Unique Method to Prepare for Field Trip to Fenway Park


OLM School students preparing for field trips generally plan on the basics, what to wear (gym uniform or formal?), what snack to bring and if they can bring electronics on the bus.   In the classroom, however, the teachers guiding the field trips spend the weeks leading up to the much-anticipated excursions preparing lessons and activities so that the trip will prove to be even more educational.  Trips like the Freedom Trail in Boston and Plymouth Rock incorporate significant lessons in United States History.  The Boston Science Museum brings to life many of the theories taught in science class.  This year OLM’s sixth graders, under the direction of Computer Science and Engineering Teacher Bea Lukens, will be participating in “STEM Day” at the storied home of the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park.  In anticipation of the visit, which will take place on May 2, both sixth grade classes participated in the First Annual OLM Egg Drop. After a short physics mini-lesson in their Computer Science and Engineering class, the students were tasked with creating a device that would transport an egg 25 feet in a free fall from the OLM School library window.  Students were judged on the weight and survivability of the egg. Twenty-eight students competed and Rachel Baker of East Greenwich came out on top. Rachel’s egg transport weighed only 1.2 ounces. was made of straws and duct tape and carried the egg to safety without a scratch.   Rachel will now have the opportunity to drop her egg transport off the Green Monster at Fenway Park on May 2. According to Mrs. Lukens, “It is suggested that each school that participates in the STEM Education Day do an Egg Drop contest before the field trip as only one student from each school will have a chance to drop from the Green Monster.  The focus of this particular day is on Weather, Science, and Engineering.”

The students from OLM and other schools who will be attending the STEM day are likely looking forward to the science portion of the day, which includes a packed schedule of speakers, a Coding Challenge with Red Sox Mascots Wally and Tessie, a STEM Fair that includes representatives from CITGO, GE, iRobot, GE, Museum of Science and more.  The afternoon will feature another special event as the students will be attending an actual Red Sox game vs. Kansas City Royals at 1:00 p.m.

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