Seniors at New England Technical Institute in East Greenwich visited Our Lady of Mercy School on February 27th to share their game design experience, knowledge and creativity with the 8th graders at the school. The seniors at New England Tech had programmed and designed an educational game about the Burning of the Gaspee for their senior project at the request of the Rhode Island Department of Education. These students needed the input of middle school students to see how they interacted and played the game. The students at Our Lady of Mercy were very willing to help with the project.  In their Computer Science and Technology Class with teacher Bea Lukens. they too are currently involved in their own game creation project with the Kindergarteners at OLM.   In their collaboration with NE Tech, according the Mrs. Lukens, “The 8th graders gained invaluable experience seeing first hand what their games could grow into! “

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