Pre-Admissions Checklist

Thank you for considering Our Lady of Mercy School. We offer a family-friendly, nurturing environment in a Catholic Parish School setting. At OLM School students are both loved and challenged on a daily basis as we seek to live out our Catholic Faith. OLM School is a place where we encourage ALL students to “Strive to be Saints and Scholars.”

Only completed application packets will be considered and will be done so in order by date of completion. In order to be considered for acceptance into the school, the following must be completed and received by the school.

  1. Completed on-line application with a $100 non-refundable check (mailed to the school).
  2. Baptismal and Sacramental Records.
  3. Immunizations & Medical Records.
  4. A copy of the original Birth Certificate.
  5. Proof of legal guardianship when applicable.
  6. 1st – 8th grade students must complete a shadow day (Students can shadow on most days with permission of the principal). Once accepted, 6th – 8th grade students will be required to take a Math placement test in May. Screening (1/2 hour) for Kindergarten occurs in the month of March; families will receive a letter stating the date and time of their Kindergarten student’s appointment.  Students entering the PreK 3/PreK 4 programs must be completely toilet trained.
  7. Transcripts including report cards.
  8. Recommendation from the last teacher of record (if any). 6th – 8th grade students require latest English and Math teacher recommendations sent directly to the Principal.
  9. Copies of IEP/504 or Student Support Plan (if any).
  10. Interview with the Principal.
  11. Interview with Pastor or Associate Pastor (please bring a letter of recommendation from the Pastor of your parish of registration along with this Pre-Admission Priest Interview Form).
  12. Signed copy of the “Tuition Rates, Fees & Policies” Form.

Order of Acceptance

The following priority is given to applicants:
Present enrollment PreK-8
Siblings of enrolled students
Our Lady of Mercy Parishioners

Acceptance and Notification Process

Once your application packet is complete, the Principal and Pastor will evaluate it. A letter of acceptance will be sent to you indicating whether your child(ren) have been accepted. The Principal sends out acceptance letters in April or after your pre-admission packet is complete.

If accepted, the school must receive a $250 non-refundable Registration Deposit check within a two-week period. $225 will be applied towards tuition and the remaining $25 is a processing fee. Failure to receive payment in this time-frame may result in the forfeiture of your child’s acceptance.

Online Registration Form

2018/2019 New Student Registration Application (New Students/Siblings only – Current student re-registration information will be mailed to families).