Welcome to Our Lady of Mercy School!

It is truly a privilege to serve as the Pastor of Our Lady of Mercy Parish and a great blessing to have Our Lady of Mercy School as part of our parish family. Since her doors opened in 1951, Our Lady of Mercy School has strived to develop saints and scholars to serve our community and church.

We are honored to have among our students today the children and grandchildren of alumni parents and grandparents. Building upon the great legacy of Father Francis Brady and Sister Helena McNulty who first established our wonderful school over fifty years ago, today we continue building a firm foundation for the future. While Catholic Education as witnessed in previous generations has continued to change, one thing has been consistent since the time of Father Brady and Sister Helena, the core of Our Lady of Mercy School remains mercy and love.

So please come and see the spirit of sacrificial love offered by our school parents and faculty and witness the pure and innocent love of the young minds and hearts of our school children as they encounter Jesus Christ in one another, in the classroom and in the Sacraments.

Catholic education is about developing saints and scholars, the seeds of virtue and truth and flourishing faith, mercy and love. Anything less cheats our school children of their God given dignity. God built the Church and School we’ve inherited through the labor and love, the faith and sacrifice of generations of believers who have gone before us. Their generosity and witness made our faith, our parish and our school possible. We are honored to continue to build upon the legacy of such a firm foundation entrusted to us.

Each day at Our Lady of Mercy School we strive to bear witness to the Catholic Faith and toward excellence in academics, the arts and athletics. We do so in a loving and nurturing environment with daily prayer and weekly mass. Ours is a school where the love of God and the joy of the Gospel are lived daily.

So I invite you to please come and visit Our Lady of Mercy School. I promise you that you will witness firsthand the community of love and mercy that exists as you look upon our budding saints and scholars striving to make mercy and faith flourish.

Come and experience the OLM Advantage.

Gratefully in Christ,

Father Bernie Healey
Pastor of Our Lady of Mercy Church