PTG Overview

Every parent who has a child at Our Lady of Mercy is a member of our Parent Teacher Group (PTG).  The PTG’s goals include advancing the interests of OLM; supporting all programs of a scholastic, extracurricular and financial nature; and providing an organization through which the parents, administration, and teachers can work cooperatively. The PTG board serves to build a sense of community, to facilitate communication, to encourage volunteerism, and to raise funds to subsidize many of the extracurricular and classroom activities the students enjoy. We encourage all parents to become involved by assisting with one of the many PTG sponsored events. We look forward to working with you!

PTG Constitution and By-Laws

PTG Frequently Asked Questions:


The President shall preside at all meetings of the PTG and all Executive Board meetings, shall be an Ex-Officio member of all committees except nominating committee; shall serve as the PTG Executive Board representative to the Our Lady of Mercy School Board; may call special meetings of the Executive Board when deemed necessary, and will make interim appointments for vacant positions, with the approval of the Executive Board; ensures that the PTG Executive Board will maintain confidentiality and objectivity in reaching decisions for the good of the entire school community and other duties as required.

Vice President

The Vice President shall assume the responsibilities of the President in the absence or inability of the President to act; shall assist the President in fostering a spirit of community while executing the goals set by the Executive Board; shall be responsible for maintaining communication among the members of the Board and as a liaison with other volunteer positions as an extension of the Executive Board; will act as the liaison between the PTG Board and Room Parents and other duties as required.

Vice Presidents

The Vice President of Ways & Means

The Vice President of Ways & Means shall develop fund-raising goals based on the needs and desires of the OLM School community. Goals shall be determined in conjunction with the PTG membership, Executive Board, Principal and school staff; shall serve as Chair of the Ways & Means Committee, and as such will be responsible for organizing all fund-raising activities/events throughout the school year; shall recruit PTG members to chair and to serve as committee members for individual fundraising activities/events held throughout the school year; shall be responsible for maintaining accurate financial records of all fund-raising activities/events; shall be responsible for maintaining communication with the Way & Means Committee as it relates to income and expenses and other duties as required.

The Vice President of Socials

The Vice President of Socials shall serve as the Chair of the Social committee and, as such, will be responsible for planning and organizing PTG events throughout the year, to foster family participation and a spirit of community; shall recruit PTG members to chair and to serve as committee members for individual social events held throughout the school year; shall be responsible for coordinating volunteers to provide refreshments and set up for all PTG-sponsored functions and activities; shall be responsible for maintaining accurate financial records of all fund-raising activities/events; shall be responsible for maintaining communication with the Social Committee as it relates to income and expense and other duties as required.


The Treasurer shall track all monies belonging to the PTG and maintain a record of all transactions; shall be responsible for all check requests and bill payments to the OLM Parish accountant, including fund-raising needs and social events; shall verify that PTG bookkeeping records are consistent with the OLM Parish records; shall provide an accurate, current financial report at every PTG Executive Board meeting; shall obtain approval from the OLM School Principal for all reimbursement requests and other duties as required.


The Secretary shall be responsible for the accurate recording of minutes for the PTG Executive Board meetings and posting approved minutes to the OLM website; shall be responsible for enrolling the PTG membership, maintaining the membership list, reporting collections to the Treasurer and producing the PTG membership directory; shall be responsible for maintaining all correspondence and records of the association, with the exception of the Treasurer’s records, and shall maintain a file of all incoming correspondence and other duties as required.


All OLM parents are members of the PTG. An Executive Board comprised of parents is selected each year to represent the parents’ interests in the school community.

We hope you consider serving on the board. In May, a nominating committee will be formed. This committee will call for nominations of individuals who are interested in a board position. If you are joining the school in September and would like to become involved, volunteering to help with PTG sponsored events is a wonderful way to familiarize you with the role the PTG plays at OLM.

Yes!  The monthly PTG board meetings are open to all.  A list of meeting dates for the year are posted on the website under “PTG:  Meetings Schedule & Minutes.”  At least one parent from each family is encouraged to attend. If you have an issue that pertains to a PTG function and you cannot attend an open meeting, please ask a board member to present your concern at the next 

meeting. Any pressing matters concerning any other school issues should be directed to the school administrators.

Meeting minutes are found here.

The success of all PTG initiatives is dependent on the involvement of all parents.  The board respectfully requests that every family volunteer in some way during the year.  There are many opportunities to help and these opportunities can be found under the volunteer link on this website. The events are community building and a wonderful way to make new friends while improving the educational experience of your child.

Yes, there is an official directory that is released at the beginning of each school year.  A minimal fee is required to be included in and to receive a directory.  The fee covers the costs associated with printing the directory. A pdf of the directory will be emailed to all families who purchased a directory. The school directory is only for school use. Under no circumstances may the family directory be used for personal business matters. Each family has the right to be excluded from the directory.

No.  The teachers at OLM decide if they feel they need homeroom parents.  Not every teacher has a room parent.  The teachers who need a room parent will handle this themselves. It is important to note that executive board members cannot serve as room parents.

If you follow the volunteer requirement link on the PTG portion of the website, the list of requirements and materials you need to become a volunteer are outlined. All volunteers must complete the safe environment training and submit the form stating this has been done.  The volunteer handbook must be reviewed and the form submitted annually.  A background check (BCI) must be completed and the notarized form submitted to the secretary with a copy of your driver’s license. The BCI must be completed every three years.  Final approval will come to you from the principal at OLM.  You must have received this approval before you can volunteer.

All funds raised by the PTG each year go directly towards enhancing and improving the educational, social and spiritual experience for each and every OLM student. Some of the many programs and activities that are subsidized by funds from the PTG include field trips, the art masters program, Science Olympiad, the robotics program, technology improvements, building enhancements, teacher classroom funds, cultural enrichment programs, and many, many more initiatives.  The PTG is grateful for the continued generosity of families, parishioners, businesses associated with our school and local companies.  Without these donations, the PTG contribution to these programs would not be possible!