Ways to support Our Lady of Mercy School


We are always in need of a helping hand here at OLM and what better way to get involved than to donate your time and talents!  Consider the following areas in which we could use your help:

  • Our thriving Little Saints and Scholars before and after school care program run by one of our very own alums!
  • Bringing unique after school programs to our children (i.e., sewing, cooking, woodwork, languages, gardening, etc.).
  • Tutoring children in math, science, religion or language arts.
  • Helping out with current after school programs.
  • Consider starting and running a new sport for the school.
  • Lend a hand in landscaping or beautifying the school.
  • Become involved in the planning of our fundraisers or charity events.

You don’t have to be a parent to volunteer your time at Our Lady of Mercy. We gratefully welcome the participation of alumni as well as grandparents and parishioners.  The diocese does require that a background check be submitted and approved before coming into the school to work with the children so please see the school’s front office if you are interested in volunteering.


OLM is grateful for the generous support of friends and families both past and present. In addition to monetary contributions, we can also use donated items of new or very gently used condition. We would also appreciate a donation of professional services such as printing, landscaping or painting and items such as computers and athletic equipment. Whatever their form, in-kind donations provide additional ways to support OLM and are greatly appreciated.

When making a gift in kind, please be sure to request a tax receipt from the business office as you may be entitled to a tax deduction up to the gift’s full retail value.  And please keep in mind that we would like to use these items for years to come so all items should be in new or very gently used condition.

Our Lady of Mercy School Wishlist

Laptop computers

Computer scanners

Photocopy and printer paper

Tablets and tablet accessories

Digital camera and tripod

Library books

Area rugs (for classroom use)

Volunteering Time

Whatever your particular skills and interests may be, there is sure to be an opportunity for you to serve the school and help maintain its vitality. Please contact principal Patrick H. McNabb at (401) 884-1618 to find out where your talents and expertise may be used at our school.